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Welcome, Soul Family

Here's the exciting part-  where we learn about the

way this transformation will continue unfolding for you. 

Get to know me & my mission

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It's a -
we chose to awaken in this lifetime together
type of thing.

working with me on this level is a deep-dive into your personal-development & liberation from your mind. Saying yes to this is the mark of a commitment to growth & will begin to reflect in your reality as you notice synchronicities ,new doors opening, & old doors finally closing.

Follow what feels right in your heart.

You will know if it's a yes. Trust.


Life in Love

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What it looks like to work 1:1 with me

Image by Samantha Gades

Personalized Sessions via Zoom

60 or 90 minute sessions

Image by Rui Xu

Integration Support

deep dives into every-day life

to actualize insights &

create lasting change




goal-setting & path discovery



Messaging Support

providing a safe and confidential space for you to share your thoughts, challenges, and victories


Curated Assignments

& Journal Prompts

designed to cultivate awareness, healing, and self-inquiry

Golden Chakra



Deepen your inner-standing of mindfulness & presence

May I be honored to hold your heart in Loving Awareness

& be a guide on your journey back home to Self.


The Power is Yours - I'm just here to remind you.

Resonate with my message?
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