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The Mindful Psychenaut


Hey Loves, it's Alisa

Here you'll find parts of my mission, vision, & values

which act as a map from which the work begins.

Sense how these statements make you feel when you

read/visualize them,  and just begin to notice the subtle energies.



To ignite a light within all who choose to return to wholeness in this present moment. To inspire the return of unconditional love for self, others, and reality itself


sorry to spoil the secret but it's all One.)

Reconnecting you with your Self through

True Love for All That Is

DSC01386 2.JPG


Creating heaven on earth, one soul at a time.


Uncover the limiting beliefs, trauma, and conditioning holding you back from being the loving, prosperous, authentic, fully expressed version of you.

May you be happy

May you be loving

May you be free

May you discover Who You Really Are

DSC01386 2.JPG
DSC09076 2.JPG


Love is always the answer

Act in accordance to the Law of One

Follow your heart & intuition as a compass

Be authentic & honest

Do not condemn others

Live a life that feels good to you

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